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The Artist

Marco Lorenzetto’s artistry is deeply rooted in the history and traditions of his Italian heritage and yet his approach and philosophy are the accumulation of experimentation and exploration.  A self-taught artist, Marco’s extended travels between Salamanca, Berlin, New York, and Paris exposed him to varied artistic scenes and movements allowing for his own evolution of artistic expression.  Whether it be his gestural abstraction works or those featuring his refined intricate patterns, Marco’s work exhibits a rigorous mastery of craft.  Precious or monumental in scale, his abstract creations invite the viewer to visually explore the landscape of his canvases allowing their own ideas to emerge through gradual discoveries.

Marco’s paintings have been featured in the pages of Elle DecorThe New York Times Style MagazineModern Luxury Angeleno and displayed in exhibitions throughout Berlin, Bologna, Los Angeles, New York and Paris.  He is recognized by world-renowned curators, Renato Miracco and Diletta Guidi.


With a childhood surrounded in rich history with an emphasis on the value of artistry, Marco formed an early appreciation for art.  Born and raised in Faenza, Italy, a city renowned as the birthplace of Majolica ceramic production, Marco’s first encounter with art came by way of the beautiful scenes and motifs that decorated the Majolica ceramics which permeated the city.  His own relations have specialized in the tradition since the early 1980’s.  Ceramics came as a natural medium for Marco when he sought out a new form of expression for his art in 2015.  Extending his artwork from vertical surfaces to table-top surfaces, Marco rejoiced at the idea of infusing his art into objects used everyday.  

Marco Lorenzetto’s work however refined, is fresh and ever evolving, reflecting the incredible energy and enthusiasm that emanates from this artist.  He works continually to perfect and ameliorate his artistry.